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Dr. Richard Williams, PhD & Mr. Jeffery Freed, MAT

Dr. Richard Williams and Mr. Jeffrey Freed bring a wealth of knowledge about autism from a clinical perspective as well as personal experience. They are both passionate about the issue and know that the information and new perspective they provide here will positively impact the lives of those diagnosed with autism as well as the lives of family and friends.

Because autism is a condition in its own right, it is not a group of deficits nor is it a disorder. Therefore on this page and in our writing we have chosen to use autism spectrum condition (ASC) as opposed to autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Dr. Richard Williams, Ph.D

Dr. Richard Williams

Dr. Richard Williams is a molecular biologist by training. He and his wife Sally began their prolific research into autism in order to better understand and advocate for their daughter who is on the spectrum. Dr. Williams brings years of in-depth and comprehensive study of the genetic components of autism. He believes that every autistic individual has gifts and those gifts simply need to be recognized so that the individual can thrive. His positive view of autism guides families and loved ones to find the good in a potentially troubling diagnosis.

Dr. Williams says, “Every individual has gifts that need to be discovered, fostered and nurtured. The gifts may not be initially obvious but they are always present.” Finding the gifts of an autistic individual can provide hope, happiness and a brighter future.

Mr. Jeffery Freed, MAT

Jeffrey Freed is a world-respected education consultant who has spoken extensively internationally. He specializes in high functioning autism and twice-exceptional learning. He is the author of the acclaimed book Right Brained Child in a Left Brained World. Since 1987, Mr. Freed has worked as an educational therapist and consultant with ADD and gifted children. Additionally, he delivers in-service programs to educators on effective teaching approaches for right-brained and ADD learners. His current work, based on expertise gained from many years in a classroom, emphasizes one-on-one mentoring with children on the spectrum, as well as gifted children. He helps them learn how to master the skills they need to achieve their academic and life goals. Jeffrey is himself on the autism spectrum so he understands the challenges.

Jeffrey presents a podcast discussing the challenges the current educational system presents to different learners.

Mr. Jeffery Freed, M.A.T.

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