Genetics & the Origin of Autism

Genetics & the Origin of Autism Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams “The ultimate hack for a team of Silicon Valley Programmers might turn out to be cracking the genetic code that makes them so good at what they do.” Steve Silberman, Wired Magazine in 2001 Neurodiversity was initially applied to autistic individuals. The idea […]

Autism and Homework or Homeschooling – Video

Autism and Homework or Homeschooling -Video Homeschooling can be especially difficult for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Parents and guides may need to try a different approach to make this time educational and not a battle. Please note, this video was produced prior to the current homeschooling situation we face but it is very applicable […]

Noi’s Story

Noi’s Story Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams Dr. Richard Williams’ daughter Noi is autistic, and understanding her and how she thinks has motivated him to understand and study autism. He adopted her many years ago from an orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand on her second birthday. At the time, she didn’t walk, talk, or walk […]

Autism and Sensitivities – Video

Autism & Sensitivities – Video Taking a look at the relationship of physical sensitivity for those on the spectrum. Loud noises, bright lights and rough clothing are often exaggerated for those on the autism spectrum. But how can you help them manage? Sign up to receive news and updates. Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin

Young Women and Autism

Young Women and Autism Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams The blog below is my second on the topic of autistic girls and women. To read the first blog on this topic, click here. My keen interest in this subject stems from raising my daughter, who was very lucky to be diagnosed at an early […]

Young Girls and Autism

Young Girls and Autism Written by Dr. Richard O. Wiliams Ask anyone who knows a little about autism who is more likely to be autistic, boy or girls, and most will say boys. Current diagnostic statistics seem to bear this out, as the present ratio of boys to girls diagnosed with autism is 4 to […]