Noi’s Story – Moving to Colorado

Air view of Evergreen Colorado showing confers

Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams‘ daughter Noi Williams 

Nois Notes Home in Evergreen Moving with my family from Potomac, Maryland to Evergreen, Colorado has been the best experience of my life. I can remember the first few days of arriving in Evergreen. People were so much friendlier in the grocery stores and restaurants than they were in Maryland. In Evergreen, people such as grocery store clerks are extremely caring and attentive and always take time to assist their customers. In Maryland, most store clerks were always in a rush and totally oblivious to shoppers. They even found it a pain to help people since they were too busy with other things. They seemed so upset when I did not count my small change fast enough for them or when I asked a question that they thought should be obvious. The people of Evergreen are much more relaxed and I feel that you can easily have small talk about the day and the weather.
Overall, I have found that moving to Evergreen has made it much more comfortable for me to interact with people. I feel that Evergreen is a close community where I have been accepted more than I have been in my entire life. Living in my own place in a six-unit condo has also been a success because all my neighbors are very caring and supportive of one another. We have fun social interactions and gatherings. Evergreen is a super supportive community where almost everyone knows each other and more importantly, very accepting of different people like myself. I have many more relationships than I had in Maryland.
Noi’s Story – Moving to Colorado

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