Noi’s Story – Being a Naturalist

image of 1 red flower among background of white flowers becoming a naturalist

Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams‘ daughter Noi Williams 

being a naturalist
I really enjoyed reading a great book called, “Diary of a Young Naturalist,” by Dara McAnulty. Dara is who wrote this book about himself as an adolescent boy as a naturalist with autism. I found it very fascinating reading about how he lived his life with his family in Northern Ireland and finding his connection with nature from the perspective of an autistic mind. This book related quite well with me because I’m autistic and have always found it very comforting to find myself exploring nature and the great outdoors. For me, it’s so relaxing to look at different wildflowers and wildlife. Some of my most favorite flowers to study are dandelions and daisies. I love how all 4 seasons are different and watching how all the trees and their leaves change color.
Noi’s Story – Being a Naturalist

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