Noi’s Story – Living on My Own During COVID

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Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams‘ daughter Noi Williams 

Nois Notes, living alone during covid
 For over a year I lived through the COVID pandemic on my own as everyone else did. Even though I felt my independence has been a success, like many people I felt socially isolated since many community activities had been cancelled due to safety precautions because of the virus. Social distancing, staying 6 feet apart from everyone has been an experience no one has ever had to get used to. We all have had to not hug or shake hands with one another. Personally, I have felt sometimes lonely because even though I live in a condo with 5 other neighbors, we haven’t been able to go out or get together such as going to the movies or going out to eat for many months. Like most of the people I work with at the Willow Creek Restaurant, I didn’t go to work for about a year because of the safety rules to protect everyone from this virus. I missed working at times because I felt it was one my best social outlets for me. I have also missed going out to dinner with my family or friends each week, which has occasionally been an interruption of my weekly routine. I dealt with the isolation and loneliness by doing my favorite activities like going for walks, reading, and doing artwork such as painting & working on photography. I also enjoyed chatting to many people like old friends from elementary school and college on Facebook. I have been wondering when life will be completely back to normal for me and everyone else! We still wear masks sometimes and are being careful if someone tests positive for the virus.
Noi’s Story – Living on My Own During COVID

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