Noi’s Story – Making Friends

Image of two hands with pinky entwined with brick wall making friends

Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams‘ daughter Noi Williams 

making friends
My mother introduced me to Brownies in 2nd grade since she was one in her elementary school years, which she enjoyed. Joining Brownies was one of my favorite after school social activities because it gave me the opportunity to develop new friendships. My Brownie troop always did a myriad of fantastic activities such as sleepovers, swimming, hiking, sports, camping, cooking, sewing, museums, dancing, community services, and visiting zoos. My friend in 2nd grade joined Brownies right at the same time I did, which was exciting for me because we got to know each other outside of school. I graduated from Brownies to Girl Scouts at around age 11, which I felt proud of because there were lots of other girls my age that I knew from school. The best part about Girl Scouts was going camping for a week during the summer in the forest with some of the girls I knew from school and other troops from other US Army bases around Germany. I was with one of my best friends from school on the camping trip, which we both enjoyed and found adventurous. It was fun to get to know other girls my age learn about living life in the outdoors and experiencing nature. I vaguely remember making a few pen pal relationships from the other girls at the e camp. The other best part about Girl Scouts was making friends with a girl who was in my 5th grade class, who’s mother was the troop leader for about 2 years. Her mom was the best leader because she was always enthusiastic and full of awesome activities such as dancing, sewing, and visiting different museums. I’m still in contact with Jennifer on Facebook and we still remember each other from grade school!
Noi’s Story – Making Friends

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