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Reddit AMA February 25, 2021

Autism Researcher and Father of Autistic Daughter AMA – February 25, 1:30pm MST Let’s Get Going! My name is Dr. Richard Williams. I am a molecular biologist by training. Along with my wife Sally, I began my prolific research into autism in order to better understand and advocate for our daughter. I bring years of […]

Noi’s Story – Mt Vernon College

Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams‘ daughter Noi Williams I was really excited about going to college and learning to live away from home and getting to know new people.  I had been anxious for weeks wondering what it would be like. I really wanted to make new friends but was scared because that never […]

Eye Contact and the Autisic Child

Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams  “Proper” eye contact is one of the most significant and sensitive aspects of interpersonal communication in western cultures. Next to the ability to carry on a fluid social conversation, eye contact with the speaker is one of the crucial elements required for the perception of social “normalcy.” Too much […]

Reddit AMA Log

Thank you to all who joined Dr. Richard O. Williams for our Reddit Ask Me Anything. It was a pleasure to interact and have the opportunity to answer so many questions. We look forward to hosting another AMA soon! Click here to read the discussion.

Home Schooling Autistic Students During Covid-19

Home Schooling Autistic Students During Covid-19 Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams. The viral outbreak of 2020 has brought profound changes to our daily lives, including the almost universal lockdown of schools, forcing most parents to homeschool their children. Even if some schools do reopen this coming fall, many others will not. Additionally, many parents […]

Morning Blend -TV Interview

Click here to watch Morning Blend – Video, Television Interview  Meet Dr. Richard O. Williams, a gentleman who has extensively studied autism and presents a genetic understanding of the condition and its history. July 7, 2020, ABC, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Genetics & the Origin of Autism

Genetics & the Origin of Autism Written by Dr. Richard O. Williams “The ultimate hack for a team of Silicon Valley Programmers might turn out to be cracking the genetic code that makes them so good at what they do.” Steve Silberman, Wired Magazine in 2001 Neurodiversity was initially applied to autistic individuals. The idea […]