Eye Contact and the Autisic Child

“Proper” eye contact is one of the most significant and sensitive aspects of interpersonal communication in western cultures. Next to the ability to carry on a fluid social conversation, eye contact with the speaker is one of the crucial elements required for the perception of social “normalcy.” Too much contact makes a person appear overly […]

Home Schooling Autistic Students During Covid-19

Home Schooling Autistic Students During Covid-19 The viral outbreak of 2020 has brought profound changes to our daily lives, including the almost universal lockdown of schools, forcing most parents to homeschool their children. Even if some schools do reopen this coming fall, many others will not. Additionally, many parents will likely continue to homeschool their […]

Autism and Homework or Homeschooling – Video

Homeschooling can be especially difficult for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Parents and guides may need to try a different approach to make this time educational and not a battle. Please note, this video was produced prior to the current homeschooling situation we face but it is very applicable and important information.